Jail time extended for man who killed ex-girlfriend’s cat, then sent her video and texts

Entrance to the Calgary Courts Centre.

While awaiting sentencing for killing his ex-girlfriend’s cat, a crime he video recorded and sent to her, Calgarian Dawson Troy Miller decided to send her a few texts.

And those expletive-laced messages, some of which were read into the court record on Monday, has landed Miller an additional three months behind bars.

Provincial court Judge John Bascom accepted a joint submission by Crown prosecutor Rose Greenwood and defence counsel Mark Walters to add 90 days to the one-year sentence Miller is serving for animal cruelty.

Miller, 21, was handed the one-year term in June followed by two years of probation, just two weeks after sending the texts to his former girlfriend in violation of a bail condition that he not contact her, Greenwood said.

Among the profane messages, which left the victim fearing for her safety, Greenwood said, were comments such as “I hope somebody comes up knocks a hammer and bashes your skull you meth addict ugly fat (expletive),” and “I hope you burn and die and get raped and tossed over into (an expletive) river.”

In one text Miller also professed his love for the woman with a crying emoji followed by the comment “but I hope you get murdered.”

Walters said his client, who appeared in court via telephone from the Calgary Correctional Centre, has mental health and addiction issues he hopes to deal with while on probation.

Miller pleaded guilty to four charges, including breaching his no contact provision of his release order and criminal harassment.

He also pleaded to two additional breaches, one for going to the home where she lived and a second for carrying a baseball bat while prohibited from possessing a weapon.

Miller was sentenced on June 8, on a charge of animal cruelty for fatally beating the woman’s kitten, Prince, which he was caring for, when she broke up with him during a series of texts between them where she said he was acting like a 12-year-old.

In a similarly expletive-laden video on May 16, 2019, which Miller sent to her, he beat the kitten so badly it had to be euthanized.

You think I’m a 12-year-old,



 says in the video.

I just smashed the (crap) out of your stupid cat,

” he said in the message.

That’s what happens when you call me (an expletive) 12-year-old … I just killed your (expletive) cat.

The woman phoned him and convinced him to take the animal to a clinic, but it was put down.

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