BOC On-Track to Becoming ISO Certified

BOC On-Track to Becoming ISO Certified

Since the creation of the Interim Quality Management System Office (IQMSO) on the 16th of May 2019, the office was able to audit the Office of the Commissioner (OCOM) and 11 Collection Districts including their Sub Ports.

The audits are part of the Bureau’s effort along with undergoing ISO certification to become a modernized and world-class organization, with the Port of Batangas having achieved such feat back in August 2019 and set to undergo Surveillance Audit later this year.

With the on-going effort of the IQMSO and everyone else in the Bureau of Customs, the Sub Ports of Dumaguete and Mactan are set to undergo ISO Certification Audit in the coming months to be followed by the OCOM, Port of Davao, Sub Port of Iligan, Port of Clark and the Port of Manila before the year ends.

This will be a continuing effort with the Ports of Legaspi and Tacloban slated to undergo the same process next year as the agency further boost its services, systems and processes for the benefit of its stakeholders.

With this, the BOC will be a step closer in rebuilding its integrity and gaining public trust and confidence.


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