BOC Generates P487 Million from Post Clearance Audits

BOC Generates P487 Million from Post Clearance Audits

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) through the Post Clearance Audit Group (PCAG) has collected P487 million additional revenue as a result of the post-clearance audits on importers to ensure that proper duties and taxes are collected even after the shipments have already been released.

As provided under Sec. 1000 of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) and Customs Administrative Order 01-2019, the BOC-PCAG may conduct audit examination, inspection, verification, and investigation of records pertaining to any goods declaration generally within three (3) years from the date of final payment of duties and taxes or customs clearance.

These are being done to determine the correctness of the goods declaration and the liability of the importer for duties, taxes and other charges, including any fine or penalty, to ensure compliance with the regulations of the Bureau.

However, importers may avail of the Prior Disclosure Program (PDP) wherein errors and omissions in goods declaration resulting in a deficiency in duties and taxes on past importations are earlier disclosed to lessen the gravity of an offense or mistake made.

From January to 05 June 2020, the PCAG – Compliance Assessment Office (CAO), through its five (5) Audit Divisions, has served twenty (20) Audit Notification Letters (ANLs) signed and issued by the Commissioner of Customs. These ANLs were issued against Customs Bonded Warehouse operators and their members suspected to have violated the provisions of Customs Administrative Order No. 13-2019 in relation to Customs Memorandum Order No. 26-2011. The BOC collected P19,755,564.47 from the audit findings on five (5) companies/importers.

Additional revenue of P160,027,224.51 was also collected from 24 companies that applied for the PDP program covered by existing ANLs and  P307,237,733.72 from 12 companies not covered by any existing ANL.

The BOC-PCAG will remain steadfast in encouraging voluntary disclosures and protecting government revenue through compliance audits of imported goods, especially during this critical time.


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