ARTA to help BOC in National Single Window

ARTA to help BOC in National Single Window

The Bureau of Customs, in its effort to automate and simplify trade processes, sought help from the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) to encourage regulatory agencies to participate in the National Single Window (NSW).

The National Single Window, as a component of the ASEAN Single Window (ASW), is a legacy system designed in 2012 to facilitate trade by allowing parties involved in trade to lodge information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all import, export and transit-related regulatory requirements. In 2017 the NSW Steering Committee issued Resolution No. 01-2017 establishing as an online trading platform to perform the functions of the NSW. Currently, the TradeNet which covers 76 regulatory agencies is being operated by the Department of Finance (DOF) for the processing of electronic certificate of origin (eCO) for ASEAN countries.

Since the TradeNet is not yet fully functional, the BOC is still operating the NSW with 24 participating trade-regulatory agencies. Using the NSW, importers and customs brokers can apply online for permits, licenses and clearances without face-to-face transactions with the government agency. The system allows BOC to verify the veracity and status of the documents submitted by the stakeholders.

At present, the volume of transactions in the NSW system is increasing which only shows that the said system is relevant in trade processes and operations of both government and stakeholders.

However, only 16 of the 24 trade-regulatory agencies are actively utilizing NSW. Of the 16 agencies, only 9 are implementing NSW in a full cycle while  8 has stopped using the system.

The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA), the government agency mandated to monitor and ensure compliance with the national policy on anti-red tape and ease of doing business, expressed its support to BOC by ensuring that all trade-regulatory agencies are participating in and utilizing the NSW so they can be transferred easily once the TradeNet is established.

According to BOC, the participation of these agencies will help align their modernization projects to the existing efforts of the government, enabling an enhanced and automated trade system and processes.


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