300 districts, 5 states and UTs are still Covid-free, govt says

NEW DELHI: Union health minister Harsh Vardhan on Tuesday said that 300 districts in the country were unaffected by Covid-19. He added that another 300 districts had very few cases and 129 districts had hotspots.
“The government is focusing on these districts to contain the spread,” he said. Accroding to government reports that spell out Covid-19 status, there are 739 districts in the country. Vardhan also said no fresh case was reported in 80 districts in the past seven days and no case was reported in the last 14 days in 47 districts.
Thirty-nine districts had not reported a single case in the last 21 days and 17 districts had not reported a case in the last 28 days, he added. On the pace of spread, the minister said in the last 14 days, the doubling rate was 8.7 and in the last seven days, it was 10.2 days. In the last three days, the doubling rate was roughly 10.9 days.

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